Hamaguchi Gousuke introduction

Professor Gousuke never ever appeared on the stage stage, is a legendary communionist who is based on Sengyuan in Gifu prefecture and is practiced only with introduction. The time has come to unveil the technique that has been kept secret last year in 2017! It is embodied and lived how to live the service that you use in the universe to expand the circulation of pleasure from Japan, which plays an important role of spreading Miroku ‘s world. From the effect that the teacher was shown on the stage stage rumors spread all over the country with a mouth quickly from its effect and began to be called from the last calling temple and people. Currently, I am extremely busy days I can not deal with by the teaching of one teacher. This Web site, 聖大使 .jp is a base to support each and every one of you to communicate the activities of the teacher to many people, and to send out information nationwide as a leader It is also a place to be a source of healing.

This time, as a result of considering something as an attractive place to disseminate Mr.Gousuke’s love to everyone who is pursuing the mental and physical healing, as a result of considering something as an attractive place to tell, I will establish a new holy ambassador. It was a carry forward.

Mr. Gousuke’s personality is a very warm person full of warm, occasional and lovely and unconventional love. Professor Gousuke has told people about 200,000 people, the ultimate benefit method I have found through research for 35 years so far. Mr. Gousuke’s lecture includes numerous participants as well as general people as well as people with incurable diseases. People who participated in the lecture have realized that they had a wonderful experience without exception as anyone. When trying to wear this technique by self taught in general, it is told that it takes thirty years even if acquiring skill well superiorly.

People who have a strange relationship with Mr. Gousuke sensei are limited, but those who knew about Tsuyoshi Sensei at this website are pleased if you can contact me from the inquiry . It will not be mistaken to have a fun time and experiences of jealousy and happiness with a lot of unbelievable experiences that doubt me.

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